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When people ask me, “What do you do for a living?” It’s easy to just say, “I’m a programmer.”

Saying that’s shorthand for layperson, but I’m not just another programmer.

I’m a technologist.

While my PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript chops are well-honed and mature, that’s not my greatest asset is as a technologist.

The value I bring to a company, and a project, is my ability to solve any problem with the right technology. If it makes the most sense for the project to do everything on the server-side, that’s what I’ll do. If it makes sense to leverage client-side technology, such as Javascript and jQuery, that’s what I’ll do. What most projects call for is a healthy mix of technologies.

I approach every project from the perspective of how to solve the problem, not how can I take my existing skillset to cobble together a solution. If the best solution is to use Google’s GWT, then I’ll download it and learn it. Basically what I’m saying that I put my ego aside and I do whatever is best for the project to be successful. I enjoy working outside of my comfort zone, in terms of technology.

In terms of software development methods, I prefer Agile. But the best software development methods are those that the team adheres to. Often people will talk about how they’re an Agile shop, or waterfall, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t any of those things. While it’s not necessary to adhere to all of tenets of a particular development methodology, it’s wise to have some process in place that every agrees to follow.

So if you’re looking for a well-rounded technologist with nearly 20 years of experience, give me a call at (802) 505-1502.